No two patients are the same. During our FREE Registration appointment with a nurse, they will take the time to go through your pet's lifestyle with you and assess their temperament and character - once we know your pet a little better we can tailor any treatment plans to suit them

From vaccinations to medical case workups and surgery, here at It’s the VETS we have everything we need to give you and your pet the best care. We offer veterinary consultations and nurse appointments at various times throughout the day so we are here whenever you need us

By keeping our prices keen we aim to keep great pet healthcare accessible to all. Our charges are transparent and we will always discuss the costs associated with any treatments with you so you can make an informed choice and budget accordingly. We offer excellent service within our superb facilities, but as our overheads are closely controlled we can keep our costs extremely competitive.

Individual Approach

Veterinary care that is as individual as your pet. We treat each animal we meet with love, respect and the care they deserve.

Independent Practice

We’re not governed by a big corporation. Being independent means we can offer specific, specialised care to you and your pet. 

Value For Money

We are always transparent about all of our pricing and keep our costs as low as as possible. No nasty surprises when we hand you the bill! Full detailed estimates help you make an informed decision about your pet’s treatment options

Free registration appointment

We’ll discuss your pet’s lifestyle and assess their temperament and character we can then tailor any treatment plans to suit them.

Our Team

Our experienced, dedicated team have a combined experience of 50 years in the veterinary industry. We treat every animal that comes through our doors with love, respect and dignity. 


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